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In the last decade, homoeopathy has undergone a tremendous transformation. Currently, we are a part of the most exciting and revolutionary era of homoeopathic medicine and practice. Dr. Rajan Sankaran has undoubtedly and undisputedly been a pioneer in this evolution and development of homoeopathy for the past thirty years. His breakthrough discoveries such as delusion, newer miasms, and sensation have brought forth a much-needed "system" to practice homoeopathy, which previously was only a “symptom” based form of medicine. His commitment to the science and his passionate efforts to bring the science to newer level of refinement has made Homoeopathic practice more reproducible, sure and successful.

Dr. Sankaran is a world renowned teacher, who is an original thinker with a unique style. He explains and teaches the deepest and the most difficult concepts with great ease. His vast knowledge and wisdom has motivated, prepared and cultivated homoeopaths around the world to ensure that they have a successful homoeopathic practice.

To build a successful homoeopathic practice there is a need for constant training and learning. There are many subtle techniques that can be learned under the guidance from a master practitioner.

We have designed a one of a kind, online educational program and forum.

Through this medium, students and practitioners have the ability to access a common platform to learn, interact and clarify doubts through individualized attention.

It will be like sitting alongside him in his clinic, watching him handle variety of cases, acute and chronic, simple and difficult, adult and children, quick recovery & status quo patients. Followed by explaining each case to you from the very beginning, taking you with him in the struggles and joys of practice

“Essential Homoeopathy” is a complete, comprehensive training and mentoring program, complete with an online discussion forum, test series and much more… available online to practitioners and students all around the globe.

Content and Details of Essential Homoeopathy program:

  • 50+ lectures of Popular WWR 1 series, by Dr. Rajan Sankaran himself, which Includes materials on foundational homoeopathy like the Organon, Materia Medica, and Repertory, in addition to newer concepts such as Delusion, New Miasms, sensation, level of experiences, kingdom differentiations in detail and concept of synergy.
  • Scheduled over 21 months
  • Cases in lectures will illustrate all the aspects of Dr. Sankaran’s method with the application of different approaches in different cases.
  • He will share his illuminating insights on the philosophy and practice of homoeopathy, and give practical tips and tricks to have a successful practice.
  • Full access to Mentor based training and opportunities to discuss difficulties and guidance.
  • Over 1500 Participants have already benefited from this lecture series from 25 different countries.
  • Access to Online discussion Forum, Exercises, Study materials.

Unique features of the Course:

  1. Exclusive lectures series by Dr. Rajan Sankaran.
  2. Constant mentoring and personal guidance through a highly experienced panel of homoeopaths.
  3. Periodic assessment to monitor the progress in learning.
  4. Practical training and teaching of each subject and how to apply it in practice.
  5. Online Forum where participants can interact and share information.
  6. Certificate of completion of the course.

Eligibility Criteria

Open for all Homoeopaths, Students & Practitioners

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About Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Dr. Rajan Sankaran (MD Hom, FSHom) is an internationally renowned thinker, teacher, and writer of the homoeopathic system of medicine. Described as a clear and original thinker, he is best known for his pathbreaking concepts in homoeopathy.

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Glimpse of Talks

1. Case Taking in Homoeopathy

2. Kingdom differentiation especially features of animal kingdom

3. Repertory - How to use