Learning Module

Synergy Homeopathic (formerly Kent Homeopathy Associates) in collaboration with The Other Song -International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy presents:

"Essential Homeopathy "

Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s complete Online Discussion Forum, 
Mentoring and Training Program.

A complete, comprehensive training and mentoring program,complete with an online discussion forum, lecture series, test series, guidance and much more...available online to practitioners and students all around the globe.

Our Learning Module:

Essential Homoeopathy
A specially
 designed,  one of a kind, online Homoeopathy educational program. It is a comprehensive training and mentoring program, complete with an online  discussion forum,  test series and much more available online to practitioners and students all around the globe.

This is a medium which will act as a common platform for students and practitioners to learn, interact and clarify doubts through individualized attention.  It will also be an excellent opportunity to hone, polish and refine your skills as a homeopathic practitioner.

The experience will be similar to sitting alongside Dr.Sankaran in his clinic, watching him handle variety of cases, acute and chronic, simple and difficult, adult and children, quick recovery & status quo patients, followed by explanation of every case from beginning to the very end. Come experience the struggles and joys of practice, and enhance your learning from all with Dr. Rajan Sankaran!

About the Online Course:

Details of the course:
Duration: 21 months
Course is divided in 2 Parts:

Part 1 :  Online lecture series, test exercises and mentoring
(18 months)

Part 2 : Self study time and Additional bonus lectures
(Last 3 months after completion of Part 1)

Part 1: lecture series, test exercise and mentoring (18months)

  • This 18 months Participants will be given access to online series of lectures divided in 7 levels as follows:

50 +  lectures Pre –Recorded of WWR – 1 and other lectures by Dr.Rajan Sankaran.
Group consisting of lectures based on understanding particular subjects in Homoeopathy,

The seven topic levels being:

  • Topics :

  • Roughly One lecture in 10 days will be made available for the participants “ONLINE CLASSROOM”.
    Details of which you can check in lecture calendar provided during enrollment.
  • A brief summary of the lecture will be made available 4 days prior to scheduled lecture so that one can prepare for the lecture.
  • It can be seen at your comfortable time zones and as per your convenience.
    It can be viewed as many number of times. There will also be a provision to access transcripts of the lecture which will complement your class notes.
  • There will be access to all the previous lectures that have already been viewed earlier in the process. So you need not panic if you miss viewing lecture on the scheduled day, but you need to finish it before the start of other lecture so that you dont stay back in your learning schedule.


  • One mentor for a group of decided participants will address and solve  individual queries throughout the duration of the forum. This shall ensure individualized and guided training for every participant. Answers to the questions directed to the mentor will be delivered within defined time.
  • There will be a subsequent test exercise which will be given after each lecture to sharpen their knowledge learnt through the lecture.


AIM : To keep the participants active in the learning process. To assess the learning of the participants so that they can be guided further accordingly

-There will be One test per lecture which are called “EXERCISES

      • Questions will be in the form of mcqs and a short case solving.
      • Questions will be based on the lecture viewed in the week.

        After Attempting the test you will get your score and an option to view correct answers immediately.
        you can ask your mentor for any understading regarding the same. You can attempt test only once.

Virtual Tour of your course:

Registration Process - Step by step

First, Please go to website : www.essentialhomoeopathy.com, click Register Now (Top Right Corner) 
on our Website Home Page and fill-up your details.

Next, pay your fees online or by Wire Transfer through your Bank.
Please click Course Fees - Payment deatils for further information.

Your Membership will be activated soon after the receipt of your Course Fees.   

Make use of Mentoring option of this course, they are here to guide you in this journey.

In the following section, we have illustrated Registration and Course Subscription Activation process.

1. Registration Form


Fields marked with * are compulsory. All other are optional and can be skipped. 

Please carefully note your Username and Password that you fill-up in the Registration Form.
They will be used by you to view lectures. 

We do not send any Password / Username from our side.

You can change password by going to My Account  --  Change Password

Also, if you forget password, click forgot password. New password will be sent to your registered email.

2. Captcha Code

Captha Code

After filling details, type Captcha code displayed on your screen click on Register tab.

This will take you to your Account Home Page. 

3. Account Home Page  on successful registration before Subscription Activation.

Account Home Page

If you wish to pay fees online, click Buy Now or pay by Wire Transfer through your Bank.

Please click Course Fees - Payment deatils for further information.

Your Membership will be active soon after the receipt of your Course Fees.

After you receive activation email from us, your Account Home Page screen will be as follows. 

4. Account Home Page after Subscription Activation

EH_Member Home_Page

Now click View Lecture to go to Lecture List Page.

5. Lecture List Page

EH Talk List

Talks Summary: We upload 3 days before we upload any talk video. 
                             This is to orient yourself of about the next video topic.

Talk Transcript:  It is the verbatim Transcipt of the entire talk. 
                             You have option of downloading Talk Transcript and Talk Summary in PDF file format.

Test :  You can test your learnings from the lecture after you have seen the video.
            The test is made up of Multiple Choice Questions.
            As soon as you finish the test, you will get your score and correct answers. 
            This will help you in evaluating your knowledge and skills .

To view the Video from the Talk List, click on the Talk Title in Blue colour. 

Inactive Listed Talks which are yet to be released will be in Grey colour.

On the Scheduled Date, the Talk Title will become active in Blue colour.   

5. Video Talk Page


On the main video page if you sometimes find,video freezes or keep on buffering while playing 
then kindly check your internet connection speed.

To check your internet connection speed go to : www.speedtest.net and click Begin Test

The download speed should be at least 1 Mbps or above for smooth viewing.

Next very useful option is Ask Mentor.

After you have seen full video, narrate all your queries in that box and send it to your mentor. 

Your mentor would reply to it soon, if he is online or within next few days. 

You get  Ask Mentor option at two places:
1. Just beside the Video an icon which states Ask mentor   Ask Mentor Icon
2. In the Left side panel - see the image below 

EH AskMentor

You also have other options of changing your password, uploading your photo, etc.

We hope this will help your in our wonderful journey of online course, 
many more exciting offers and fun filling learning tools to come on way...!!


Online Forum:

A common platform in the form of a forum for the participants to interact and share their experiences with the others.
It will also contain a lot of information, quiz and group discussion on various topics.
It will be made available after 1st Level.

Part 2 : Study time, Additional Bonus lectures
( 3 months after completion of above levels)


For any Feedback, suggestion regarding course, kindly mail to: 

Dr.Pankil Dhruv: info@essentialhomoeopathy.com

For any technical query regarding connectivity, video trouble, kindly write to : admin@essentialhomoeopathy.com

For Payment process: Nathalie@synergyhomeopathic.com


Wish You Happy Learning !

From the desk of Team EHOC 

Dr.Pankil Dhruv & Dr.Tejas Shah 
Course Developers- Team EHOC

Click here to download the course brochure

Click here to Download the detailed Syllabus