Feedback about Essential Homoeopathy Online Course

Thank you again for this truly World class program.

I had several "aha" moments embarking this course already.

I had one such "aha" moment when I went through Case Studies-presented
in "Articles" section of my course login (and many more as the course goes
in explaining and elaborating how we come upon a remedy based on 
our knowledge
of repertory, materia medica, sensation, delusion etc) ; and
yes, I would want to learn
more about the "actual practice". 

And, I have also observed something:
As Dr. Sankaran points out, there are cases and observations and knowledge,
that will help us in applying the theories into practice immediately.

So, thank you Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Pankil Dhruv and Team.

Dr Ujjwal Bikram Khadka - Nepal
M.B.B.S, Doctor / Author


I have tried to study and implement the "Sensation method" into my practice for a long
time now
but it is only since listening to Rajan himself explain things, from the beginning,
that a clarity
has come to my understanding

Mandy Hall – United Kingdom


I like the method of Dr. Rajan Sankaran. It seems to me like what I call an "Homeopathic GPS". 

A secure link between the "chart" which is the remedy and the "territory" which is the patient.
This method enhance my own "Homeopathic GPS"

Dr. Francois Littner - France


I feel extremely grateful, for getting this opportunity to learn from Dr. Rajan Sankaran himself.

This course has improved my listening and observation skills.I am able to apply the knowledge
through the lectures on daily basis  in my own practice.

I really feel I am in the process of EVOLVING  as a better Homoeopath.

So a BIG thank you to all of you.

Dr. Seema Kotak
Consulting Homoeopath -  Mumbai, India