FAQ’s: Frequently asked question:

What is the Course Format?

There are 7 Levels that you access through the Internet. You can study at your own pace at your own time. After you have completed each module you will be granted permission to move to the next one. You can access back to the completed modules at any time. New information is constantly being added to the modules. Schedule of which will be given to you on time of registration.

Content of Course?

Topics that will be covered in 18 months
(Part 1):


Roughly One lecture in 10 days will be made available for the participants “ONLINE CLASSROOM” from a website designed for this. Details of which you can check in lecture calendar provided during enrollment.

(Part 2)

Apart from this 3months will be provided later for reviewing all lectures and to view extra lectures which we shall provide.

Highlights of the course?

Highlights of Essential Homoeopathy course is as follows:

-   This is a specialised course having some additional lectures e.g. coverage of extra topics  on Synergy concepts, some of the important lectures & topics discussed at our past Toronto Summit which were not the part of  main program of ‘Wednesdays With Rajan’ (WWR).

-        Course is designed to have adequate time for each student to learn & understand the topics. There is no constraints of ‘missed out’ portion as the course contents will be available with the student,  once it is released on scheduled dates. The duration for the course will be  approx. 2 to 2 ½  hour’s time a day.

-      Unique feature of this course is each course student will have an online 1:1 mentoring facility.

-       Each course member will have direct access & guidance with his /her own mentor.

-       This will be unique chance to clear queries during this course.

-    All such questions about which the students would like to know the answers  will be clarified by the mentor of that group.

In short, our aim is to turn out each student into a good homoeopath through this program.

What is the unique thing in this course for me? What’s in it for you?

  • 60+ lecture series based on WWR 1 and other lectures by Dr. Rajan Sankaran
  • 21 months of online learning and training program, Online forum discussion
  • Full access to Mentor based learning and training opportunities
  • Test series and personal evaluation which will boost your confidence in practice
  • Discount offers on HMP books, Homoeopathic softwares

Online Tutor - Ask the Experts

One of the most important aspects of this course is the panel of doctors behind it. You will be able to ask your questions to one of them on our Online Tutor classroom or on Forum. You will have access to some of the greatest minds in homeopathy. For the complet  duration of the course.

How frequently will we have lectures and at any particular time? What if we miss out?

Lectures are spaced once in 10 days for ease of comfort that you can find time for adequate learning. complete schedule will be given to you at time of registration.
we would upload at 8.00 am  (Pacific time) as a standard routine. 4 days prior to lecture we would send you summery so that you can get prepared for the lecture.

but it will be available online throughout!

so, if you log in next day and check the lecture you will still be able to access it, access test, access to mentors. You won’t miss it. But make sure you complete your lecture before the next scheduled date.

Will the lecture be uploaded in my account forever?
How many times can I watch the lecture?

Once the lecture is uploaded, you may watch as many time you want. if you miss a lecture on that day, you need not panic. it will be available online till completion of full course (18 months from start of the course). However, we expect you to complete the lecture and test as per the lecture before you move onto next lecture which would be spaced after 10-12days.

Video lectures are based on wwr 1 lecture series?
yes, the lectures are
based on the lecture series known as ‘Wednesdays With Rajan’ (WWR program) conducted in year 2011-12.
This consist pre-recorded lectures of earlier series along with additional lectures by Dr.Rajan sankaran. 

Over 1500 participants, over 42 countries from all over the globe have been already benefited by this Lecture Series!!
So if you have missed that, no worry… we are back with more knowledge, more interactive tools, mentoring process and much more exciting and interactive course with those pre-recorded lectures of series.

However, if you have already viewed WWR 1 series earlier or have subscribed to Essential Homoeopathy course now
and wish to subscribe for new series also, then do check out:

what is Test about?
Test will be simple MCQ’s : multiple choice question.

eg: Q) who is father of Homoeopathy?

1) Kent  2) Boger  3) phatak  4) Samuel hahnemann

correct answer is "4"

question will be based on lecture seen and they will be simple, idea is to make them aware of facts and understanding.

Test will be online - do we have to answer in the period of online?

yes, it be available beside the video which will be seen. Also answers you will get after attempting to test.Idea is self assessment and evaluatiom; our esteemed mentors will be estremely useful if participants would ask doubts and queries.

Do you offer any certification after we have successfully completed the course?
"Certificate of Completion" awarded on completion of course.

This course should not be considered complete schooling to become a homeopath. this course does not give a validity or licence to practice in your country!! It’s an online platform for advanced learning.


No experience necessary; open to everyone from all across the globe.

A basic web browser and email capability is all that is required. Information from texts is provided on line. Books that you may wish to purchase are described and reviewed in sections.

Available in English only at present. Transcript will be given beside lecture to download.

How to do enrollment and payment?

Kindly fill up following details and send it to email ID given below. 

  1. First and Last Name :  
  2. Gender:
  3. Billing Address –(Should be same as it is on records of your credit card by which you will pay to KHA.
  4. Email Address: (KHA will mail your invoice to this Email id)
  5. Telephone/mobile no.
  6. Country
  7.  Professional Qualification
  8. Mode of Payment: Via Bank transfer of funds or Online transaction via valid Credit/ Debit card

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